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Basic Courses

Achieve the skills to take on challenging and rewarding leadership and analytical roles with your Basic Courses certification.

  • MS-Office
  • Advance - Excel
  • Tally

MS Office

About Course

Microsoft Office including MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Project etc. are used by individuals both in their personal and professional sphere. In fact, knowledge of Microsoft usage is one of the basic requirements for most of the job profiles. Be it accounting, business analysis, marketing or coding, you need to have adequate awareness of Microsoft programs.

Almost all of us are familiar with Microsoft functions. We use MS Excel and MS Word on day to day basis. But it is majorly confined to typing letters, changing fonts and formats, creating a table and few other basic functions. Besides that, we might not know how different formulas can be used for sorting a table or formatting one and so on. In order to improve our skills and qualify as a skilled Microsoft expertise, there are different MS certification programs. These credentials validates our skills and expertise in using Microsoft tools and functions.


Course Duration: - 40 Hrs.


What you will learn in this Course?


  • Working in Office 2013
  • Viewing and Editing Text in Word
  • Formatting in Word
  • Working with Special Content in Word 2013


  • Working in Excel 2013
  • Worksheet Basics
  • Working with Formulas and Functions
  • Working with Charts


  • Working in PowerPoint 2013
  • Working with slide Text
  • Format Slides
  • Add Simple Visual Enhancements
  • Review and Deliver Presentation


  • Working in MS-Access 2013
  • Customizing and Securing Office


  • Working in Outlook 2013
  • Working with Presence and Social Media
  • Managing Your Contacts


Who should take this Course?

Students or professionals.


What are prerequisites for taking Course?

No Prerequisites

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Advance Excel

About Course

Microsoft Excel is something that we work on in our daily life be it a student or an accountant or any other business professional. While Microsoft excel is an irreplaceable part of the business field it is also widely used in other fields such as nonprofit organizations, hospitals, and educational institutions. Every one of us knows all the basic functions of Microsoft Excel but there are many advance terms associated with it that not many are aware of. Advanced Excel today is the need of the hour and learning the skills of advanced excel can make you stand out among a big crowd of people. You might be wondering what is Advanced Excel? Don’t worry it is not some other application it is just Microsoft excel where you move ahead from the basic function and use complex formulas and techniques to enhance your work.


Course Duration: - 50 Hrs.


What you will learn in this Course?

Learn advanced functions of Spreadsheets-Pivot Tables, Goal Seeking, scenario management

Data Analysis Tool pack & Solver Tools in Excel

Working with Financial & Statistical Functions and Macros in Excel-2013

Working with DBMS & RDBMS using Access-2013

Creating Tables, Queries, Filters and more in Access-2013

Forms & Reports with Access-2013

Data Analytics,

MIS Reporting,

Data Cleaning,

Financial Modeling, and

Combo-formula writing (e.g. VLOOKUP + Match + Indirect + Range).


Who should take this Course?

Students or professionals.


What are prerequisites for taking Course?


What are the Opportunities after This Course Completion? 

Business analysts, Administrative assistants, marketing managers, Project managers

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Tally ERP 9

About Course

Tally certified professionals are all those who have successfully achieved the Tally Financial Accounting along with Tally Technologies Certification. More than 20 lakh businesses around the world make use of Tally Business Accounting Software. Every year thousands of businesses upgrade from manual accounting to accounting on computers so that their businesses get more productive and profitable. Tally ERP 9 is the favored choice of accounting software for majority of the professionals. These organizations require the certified professionals to help take informed decisions by unleashing the true power of Tally.


  • It certifies you as a master of Tally
  • Certification on Tally by its creators
  • Placement assistance from Tally


Why to do a certification on Tally?

The Tally certification is a simple and effective way to validate mastery of Tally

Aid employers identify and hire

Helps in enhancing your professional image, integrity and career opportunities


What you will learn in this Course?

  • Basics of Accountancy
  • Principles, Concepts and Conventions of Accounting
  • Recording Procedure in Accounting
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Preparation of Final Accounts
  • Computerized Accounting System using Tally ERP 9
  • Statutory Features & Advanced Features Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Getting Started with Service Tax
  • Depreciation
  • Accounting for Joint Venture
  • Accounting for Consignment
  • Hire Purchase and Installment
  • Accounting for Inland Branches
  • Goods and Services Tax(GST)
  • Payroll Administration

Who should take this Course?

Students or professionals.


What are prerequisites for taking Course?



What are the Opportunities after This Course Completion? 
Accountant, Bank Job.



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